Keith Everette Smith

Producer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist

When the chorus gotta pop the bass gotta drop!

OK the title is pretty gay but it’s just something I thought about doing (and had heard before but forgot about).

Try duplicating your bass track in order to process the low end differently on the verses and the choruses. The idea is to decrease the low end by a few db in the verses so when the chorus comes in there’s an added amount of low end!

Short post but I thought you might want to try it. Also, try listening for this technique in other mixes. It happens more than you might think!

Happy mixing!!!


P.S. I just got new monitors. ProAc Studio 100’s paired with a Bryston 4B (the amp is borrowed for now). I’m in mixer heaven. Up next: a summing mixer and new clock! (more on the clock soon!)