Keith Everette Smith

Producer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist

What Mastering Does

Ah! (deep breath… slowly exhale). I just returned from a fantastic trip to Europe. Switzerland, Croatia, France and Italy. It was truly an amazing trip.

A few months ago I began work with a local Orange County rock band called “

The Bolts

.” These guys are a lot of fun and put on a great show. We headed into the studio to cut a song called “Our Love Can Change The World.” Mattie, the band’s drummer, is a great videographer and he documented the event. I thought you might enjoy checking it out. The song was recorded at

Sonikwire Studio

s in Irvine, California… they have lots of great gear including a great Neve Console full of 1073 mic pres, Pultec EQ’s, LA-2a compressors… (check out the studio website for a list of all the gear.)

Check it out… and you can download the final version


(mixed by Shane D. Wilson, Mastered by Richard Dodd)