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Tasha and Keith Interviewed by

Merry Christmas everyone!  Tasha and I were recently interviewed by WorshipLinks, a great website full of articles, interviews, and training resources for worship leaders.  

Tasha and I each approach worship planning similarly, but from different perspectives.  Tasha sees planning through the lens of the leader leading a congregation.  I see planning through the lens of music director.  We hope you gain some knowledge from our experiences, stories, and processes!  Many thanks to Brad and WorshipLinks! 

Steve Lillywhite

Steve Lillywhite is a Grammy Winning produced who has MANY great records for U2, Peter Gabriel, Chris Cornell, and many more…. He’s a fantastic producer and a really unique guy (as you’ll soon hear.)

I first noticed Steve Lillywhite because of his work with Dave Matthews Band. I was a huge fan of DMB in high school. My first DMB CD was given to me as a birthday present from my friend Liz. I was very quickly a fan. Me and my best friend Josh blasted Dave Matthews Band OFTEN and as a drummer I did my time trying to learn to be just like Carter Beauford.

Here’s a few interviews with Steve Lillywhite. None of these are incredibly extensive, but hopefully you’ll pick up something helpful along the way.

NPR - Lillywhite Interview