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Cross Church Worship


One of the highlights of my year has been working with Cross Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas on a live worship record.  Their pastor Ronnie Floyd is the pastor of the Southern Baptist Convention and so there was a great opportunity to create an album that could positively affect churches across the world by giving them new songs and new arrangements to worship with.  

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There was a challenge to overcome.  The album had to be recorded on May 3 rd because of other church events, and the Southern Baptist Convention started on June 15.  If you know anything about recording albums, you know that recording, pressing, and releasing a record typically takes more than 6 weeks!  We put our thinking caps on and I called some producer friends who have made a lot of live albums for some advice, and we came up with a plan. 

Our plan consisted of two months of serious pre-production and rehearsals, so that the night of worship to be recorded on May 3 would be as tight as possible with little need for additional post-production and overdubs.  Most work had to be done ahead of time in order to get this all done.  So, we went in the studio and recorded demos of all 10 songs.   We worked together to perfect our to-do list and timeline for tasks that would allow us to finish on time.

The Cross Church Worship Team did an amazing job!  I’ve never experienced a team so excited and passionate about a project, and willing to do whatever it took to accomplish a goal, and care for the details the way this team did.  What was even more impressive was how much these people led, pastored, and cared for one another and their congregation.  I’ve met few worship teams like it.  Worship pastor, Julio Ariolla, is a rare leader who empowers his team and led with confident humility and without the insecurities that many leaders carry with them.   I was so grateful that he trusted me and Tasha with coming in and working with their team.


The end result was a special night in the presence of God.  We had an encounter with His glory and we were changed.  All of the planning and preparation didn’t box us in, it made a way… and when the Holy Spirit led us to move in directions different than our plan, we had practiced flexibility so that we were able to adjust.  After all, we are only worship leaders for those in the congregation.  In the presence of Jesus, we are all followers and responders. 

I hope you’ll check out this special project.  I think the evening was well captured and a great representation of what happened that evening! 

Listen on iTunes: Come Alive

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