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It's all about the song... and the LYRICS

If you wanna work in the music business you’d better be incredibly good at your job. As an engineer you’d better get better drum sounds, better guitar sounds… better EVERYTHING sounds than anyone else. As a producer you ideas better be more fresh, cleaner, more emotional, etc. than the next guy.

Those things are great but if you REALLY want to make it in “the biz” learn to write a hit song. It’s the only real way to make money and retire on it. Now, I’m not suggesting that this is a silver bullet but it can’t hurt!

Check out this article on lyric writing. Very basic and fundamental but basics and fundamentals should be drilled into our brain. For this reason I suggest reading this article over and over and over again!

Blessings to you! I hope the economy isn’t rocking your world too bad! :)

P.S. I’m moving to Nashville this week!! Lots to do. Pretty excited though! I’ll blog about my new city endeavors soon!

Write me a song you're the songwriter man!

Ever had an idea, recorded it on your iphone or hand-held recorder, played it back later and couldn’t for the life of you remember HOW you played it? Well, I was watching a video interview with a producer named Tommy-D. He had a great idea…

record your song ideas with isight or your computer’s video recorder!!! You can now hear AND see your song idea and thus see how you played that cool guitar riff or piano part.

Neat, huh?


I grew up an instrumentalist. For me, that was enough… then I realized that the only way to truly succeed in “the biz” was to become a songwriter. Luckily, I’ve dabbled in songwriting since I was a young lad. :) I’m still learning but it has been an extremely rewarding journey.

Here’s a great article on my favorite songwriting approach… co-writing. Check it out!!

P.S. My blog will be moving soon. I’ll keep you posted on the details soon!
P.S.S. I LOVE hearing your thoughts on my blogs. Feel free to comment often!

Good Music

OK, this will be a short post. No pictures, no flare, no nothing. I’m not even gonna put links… google it!! ha.

I’m obviously a lover of music, songs, artists, sounds. Here’s a short list of music I really love right now….


Gabe Dixon
Dave Barnes
Matt Wertz


Kings of Leon


John McLaughlin


Electric Light Orchestra
Elton John

I Dig

OK, so I’m starting a new segment called “I dig.” I listen to a ton of music. Some of it inspires me, and some does not. I may mention some laughable songs here and there that I “do not dig” but in general I’ll keep it positive.

It’s been since Jonny Lang’s “Turn Around” record that I’ve listened to an album day in and day out for long periods of time. A few weeks someone played Jason Mraz’s new album for me. I’m hooked! The album is called “We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things” and it is probably my favorite album this year.

I love the record for a few reasons…

Reason #1 will always be THE SONGS! The songs are fantastic, original, vibey.. very fun.

The #2 reason is for the use of HORNS! I’m a trumpet player and I love horns sections, especially horn sections with bari sax. Lots of bari sax on this record.

My #3 reason for loving this record is the loose production. I say “loose” because there is room for real musicianship and real emotion to come through the record. Everything is tight but not super-duper edited. I also love the use of space. One of my favorite things about recordings is when you can hear the rooms the instruments were recorded in. It’s why I have such a hard time being satisfied with recording in my vocal booth… it’s soooo dead! I want to hear some character in the rooms. I want to hear different rooms! I would love to do a record where I could record each instrument in it’s own unique space, using very little artificial reverbs… letting the rooms shine through.

So go check it out. What recordings are you loving these days? Seriously, I want to know! Reply to this post and let us know what you’re loving and why!!!