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Good Music

OK, this will be a short post. No pictures, no flare, no nothing. I’m not even gonna put links… google it!! ha.

I’m obviously a lover of music, songs, artists, sounds. Here’s a short list of music I really love right now….


Gabe Dixon
Dave Barnes
Matt Wertz


Kings of Leon


John McLaughlin


Electric Light Orchestra
Elton John

Imogen Heap and her crazy mind!!

Hey guys. I have a lot of “favorite” music. In all actuality, I don’t typically single out many favorites because I just love music. It seems like whenever someone mentions an artist I know, I’m like “I love ________ they are one of my favorites!” I do that because I love a LOT of music.

For real, Imogen Heap is one of my favorites. She’s a cut above creatively. I mean, seriously, she writes, produces and engineers her own songs!!!! and it’s fantastic.

If you don’t know of Imogen’s music or you want to get a glimpse of how she creates her masterpieces, then check out her video blogs. They are fantastic.


The Beatles

OK. I have an unhealthy obsession with the Beatles. When I was a kid I had a toy record player and I would play my dad’s records (I’m 26 and I DO know what a record player is!). One record I remember was a 45rmp of “Help!” I recall being totally fascinated with that song. I loved that I could sing it (I learned all the words). I loved how energetic it was! I loved everything about it.

My dad was a music minister at our church. We had drums and other fun instruments there. Every now and then my dad would let me bring the drums home and play them. This was always a treat and it rarely happen. I remember one time, I was in 4th grade (right about the time we got our dog, Abby) my dad surprised me and brought home the drums. They were a beat up Tama Royal Star kit… bright red. My dad set them up near the stereo and put on all kinds of records for me to play along to. Among them were The Beach Boys, Elvis, ELO, Elton John and The Starland Vocal Band. The Beatles were played often those few days too.

It’s worth noting that this is one of the few memories (one of 2 actually) I have of my dad sitting down to play the drums! I mean he was no drummer but I recall that he could keep the beat… he’s musical of course. It’s funny thought, I told my dad, “Dad, if I worked at a church where there were drums, I’d never get anything done… but you never play them?” I literally did not understand why he didn’t stop every hour to go play all the fun instruments. But I didn’t understand why my dad listened to talk radio either. ha!

Well, thanks for letting me reminisce about my childhood for a few minutes.

Oh yeah, the reason for the post. Over the last few weeks I’ve been reading books and watching DVDs on the Beatles. It’s been a fun departure from my normal day-to-day arranging and recording. One such book I read was “Here, There and Everywhere: My Life Recording The Beatles” by Geoff Emmerick and Howard Massey. Emmerick was the engineer that recorded much of the Beatles work. It was REALLY great. Tony Guerrero got it for me as a Christmas present (it’s actually an audio book so I actually listened to it.. I didn’t “read” it). If you’re into recording you’ll like it. It’s really interested to hear the way things were done in the 60’s. If you just like the Beatles you’ll love it too just because of the cool stories. Go on. Go get it.

Jazz great, Freddie Hubbard passes

Freddie Hubbard was a tremendous jazz musician. Actually, if I’m not mistaken my friend (and boss) Tony Guerrero gave him a trumpet lesson once ;) Right Tony? (It’s a funny story… maybe he’ll tell it on his blog.)

Anyway, since I’m a trumpet player who marvels at good jazz (‘cause I’m not that good at it) I felt the need to mention Freddie’s passing on my blog!

Here’s a few links for you.

I Dig

OK, so I’m starting a new segment called “I dig.” I listen to a ton of music. Some of it inspires me, and some does not. I may mention some laughable songs here and there that I “do not dig” but in general I’ll keep it positive.

It’s been since Jonny Lang’s “Turn Around” record that I’ve listened to an album day in and day out for long periods of time. A few weeks someone played Jason Mraz’s new album for me. I’m hooked! The album is called “We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things” and it is probably my favorite album this year.

I love the record for a few reasons…

Reason #1 will always be THE SONGS! The songs are fantastic, original, vibey.. very fun.

The #2 reason is for the use of HORNS! I’m a trumpet player and I love horns sections, especially horn sections with bari sax. Lots of bari sax on this record.

My #3 reason for loving this record is the loose production. I say “loose” because there is room for real musicianship and real emotion to come through the record. Everything is tight but not super-duper edited. I also love the use of space. One of my favorite things about recordings is when you can hear the rooms the instruments were recorded in. It’s why I have such a hard time being satisfied with recording in my vocal booth… it’s soooo dead! I want to hear some character in the rooms. I want to hear different rooms! I would love to do a record where I could record each instrument in it’s own unique space, using very little artificial reverbs… letting the rooms shine through.

So go check it out. What recordings are you loving these days? Seriously, I want to know! Reply to this post and let us know what you’re loving and why!!!