Keith Everette Smith

Producer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist

QUICK TIP-"Removing Automation"

When I’m preparing files to be mixed it is standard practice to remove all the plugins, sends and automation from the session so that the mixer has a blank session to work from. Here are a few shortcuts that will help you perform these tasks quickly.


By holding down [option] and removing a plugin it will remove all of the plugins in that row of inserts across the session. It works the same for removing send assignments too. If you perform this once on every row of you’ll have removed all of the plugins and sends from your session.

(Note: This function will only work on channels of the same type. In other words in you “[option] remove” a plugin from a mono channel it will delete all the plugins from other MONO channels in that row. You’ll have to perform the function again for stereo channels and master channels. It’s still faster than the alternative!)


Here’s an neat little trick for removing ALL of the automation from a session.

1) From the “groups” menu select “ALL” so that every channel in your session is grouped together.

2) From the “edit” menu select “Select All.” (you’ll notice that the entire session becomes highlighted.)

3) For our last step, within the “edit” menu you’ll see “Clear Special.” Within this drop down menu select “All Automation”.

BAM!!! Just like that, all of the automation in your session is now gone and you can continue getting your session prepped for the mixer.