Keith Everette Smith

Producer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist

Programming the Neko

I’ve really been enjoying the Open Labs Neko we just got at Saddleback. I can’t wait to get my own!! Maybe I’ll start collecting dimes until I have enough saved up.

I’m scheduled to play keyboard at FUSE tomorrow night and so I thought that’d be a good chance to break Neko in. I spent today installing all of my sounds and plugins. Since I was installing some 80gigs of samplers into the keyboard it took some time. It went off without a hitch. Already I’m having more fun playing this thing than any other keyboard I’ve ever played. The possibilities are endless for using your favorite patches and FX. Here’s what I’ve got going so far.

Host: Ableton Live 6 (hopefully gonna get the upgrade to v.7 soon. Comes with some cool new sounds)
Instruments: Native Instruments Komplete 4, Reason 4, Atmosphere, tons of VST instruments that I’ve not even explored yet
FX and plugs: Waves Mecury Bundle (yes, I paid for this!!)
Controllers: NI KORE, NI KONTROL

The great thing about having a computer as the host for this keyboard is that I can make this thing sound as good as my studio. Some things I’m doing…

MASTER BUS: I’m using the Waves V-Series compressor on the master bus, warming up the sound and adding just a little bit of compression to the signal. I also have guitar rig running on the master bus. The reason I’ve done this is for FX. I’m using KONTROL as a foot controller for FX. Guitar Rig has several FX that I can kick on at any time. I’ve got a distortion, delay, reverb and flanger. It’s just for a bit of fun when creating crazy sounds.

SENDS: I have Waves R-Verb set up for a general reverb, Super-Tap delay set to a basic analog delay, Super-Tap 6 with a crazy delay, True-Verb setup as a great sounding convolution verb. I can send any instrument to these FX at any time with the touch of one button.

GRAND PIANO: I have NI Akoustic Piano running a nice piano sound. I’m using the SSL Channel to beef up the low end and add some sparkle to the top. I’m also compressing just a touch. I’m using the true-verb send to give some great space to the sound. I LOVE THIS ONE!!

UPRIGHT PIANO: This guy is setup for rock piano. It’s got heavy compression with the SSL Channel and a moderate delay that I can turn on at any time.

RHODES: I’m really proud of this one! I’m using a basic MK2 rhodes patch with a delay patch that I can add in. What I like about this is that this patch is being sent out a separate output and being sent to my VOX AC15 amp!!! Is that crazy or what??!?!?

B3: Using NI B4 I can create any patch I want. The faders also act as drawbars!!!

PADS: I have several pads each with it’s own ambience and delay parameters. I’m using Absynth, Reason and Atmosphere here.

I gotta say. This thing is really amazing. Gonna have a lot of fun with it. More to come!!!