Keith Everette Smith

Producer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist

Plugins are so dang expensive!!!

As you know, plugins can be very expensive. I think I’d be jaw dropped at the amount of money I’ve spent on plugins in the last five years or so. Without counting, I must have about 100 plugins and software instruments and I’ve purchased every single one of them. (I’m a big proponent for PAYING for the tools and music you use… anything else is stealing, right?)

There is hope though! Have you ever considered buying plugins on ebay? Well, if not you should! In the last few years I’ve purchased many plugins and plugin bundles on ebay at massive discounts. I paid about $60 for Smack!, $125 for the Focusrite Bundle and I purchased the Waves SSL TDM bundle for $600 and the entire Sound Toys Suite for $750. Now, that’s still a lot of money, but it’s still a great deal! I’ve purchased the above plugs as well as things like TL Space, the Pultec Bundle, Moog FX, Fairchild Compressors, Auto Tune, etc.

So, before you go spending full price for your plugins, do an ebay search for what you need. You can save your search criteria and ebay will notify you when what you are looking for becomes available.

Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy giving gifts but I pray you’ll spend some time enjoying your families and celebrating Jesus Christ this season.