Keith Everette Smith

Producer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist

Onion Mixing

Mixing (and producing) is like peeling an onion… you mix slowly, one layer at a time. The difference is that in mixing you might put a few layers back on if you’ve gone too far :) Oh, and you peel away the layers with your ears not your hands (hahaha! stupid joke).

It’s true, you’ve gotta mix with your ears and not get too bogged down with one particular task. This is where I overdo it at times. This is where my mixes fall apart, become small and uninteresting.

I find that my best mixes happen when I build a strong foundation, try to make EVERYTHING as big as possible, and move on (or take a break) when I start getting frustrated. I’m just peeling away the layers, making small adjustments until the mix falls into place.

My friend Justin watched me mix for a few days last week and he mentioned how amazed he was at watching this very thing happen. He said, “Wow, you just fight it and fight it and the mix is never good enough until, BAM, it just starts happening!”

So peel away that mix. Fight it to the ground until it’s beautiful and finished!