Keith Everette Smith

Producer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist

My blog, my opinions

Hey guys. I feel that this is important. It’s important and it’s my blog so I can do this. I think Christians (especially the non-crazy ones) need to voice their opions (so the world doesn’t just see the crazy Christians).

I am a Christian. That is my world view. I believe that God the focus of everything. Jesus is my Savior. Jesus is everyone’s Savior. If you don’t know that, email me. It’ll change your life… promise.

As a Christian I vote my convictions NOT my personal comfort in life. I feel this presidential race is being fought on the basis of everyone’s comfort. I personally believe that America is long overdue for a wake up call about the way we live, the way we over-spend, the way we fight for self. We are not going to fix our economy the way it needs fixing if we are appealing to everyone’s need to be comfortable. We need to plead for people to have dignity, respect for one-another, integrity, charity, patriotism, and for people do be the opposite of greedy.

I will be voting for McCain. I think Clinton and his de-regulation of banks got us into this mess and then the greed upheld by EVERYONE kept us there. Conservatism is necessary for getting out of debt. Small government and the trust of Americans to build a strong economy is key. Taxes are fair when they are even. Business owners should not be punished for building strong businesses that work. This is what keeps the economy going. It is good stewarship and good leadership to REWARD and ENCOURAGE people in this situation… not punish them by taxing them more. If you want to fuel the economy, encourage these people to give back on their own. This will do more for the economy. It’s called delegation.

OK so I rambled a little bit… I’ll be voting for McCain. I care about our country. I care about my children and my grandchildren and the country they will inherit. I think we need to guard our values, vote our convictions and get to the core of the problem, not focus on symptoms. Please vote McCain. Do your own research and get informed, but I’d encourage you to vote McCain.

It’s my blog, that’s my opinion.