Keith Everette Smith

Producer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist


OK people. Listen close. If you don’t own plugins by MASSEY PLUGINS you are missing out! My goodness, this guy is amazing. His compressor is fantastic, his 3 band EQ is easy and colorful, his De:ESSER is genius and transparent, his analog Delay is PERFECT, his LIMITER is the industry standard, his Tape Head modeler glues my mixes together…. the list goes on.

The best part is that every plugin is well under $100!!

The reason I’m posting this blog is because Massey just introduced DTM, a drum to midi drum replacement plugin FOR FREE if you own any of Massey’s other plugins. THIS THING IS HOT! Logic already has something like this and it’s nice to have it within pro tools!

Speaking of Pro Tools. Pro Tools 8 comes out soon and has some AMAZING new features. If you had though about moving to Logic, think again!