Keith Everette Smith

Producer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist

I wanna hear it!

Hey guys and gals. Things are going great out here in California. I’m involved in several new projects. I’ll be sure to post some mp3s for your enjoyment soon. One notable project was a sound-alike of Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” for an animated movie. It was a lot of fun trying to recreate the sounds of the original recording… Julio Figueroa got out an old Rogers snare that sounded EXACTLY like the original (don’t know what drum the original was… but this one sounded close), Gannin Arnold pulled out all his Journey licks on guitar, Matt Campbell did some great bass and Adam Lancaster (who named his newborn baby girl JOURNEY!) did 2 passes of B3. We found out about the B3 when I was researching about the song. I guess it pays to do your homework. I would have done more homework in high school if I were paid to do it!

Speaking of musical work, I want to hear your music! I would love to hear your albums, demo recordings… ANYTHING. I just want to hear what you all are doing. If you’re interested in sending your work, you can send mp3s to

I’ll leave you with a quote from Dwight D. Eisenhower…

“Whether you think you CAN or you think you CAN’T… YOU’RE RIGHT!”