Keith Everette Smith

Producer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist

How 'bout a new blog!

Hello world!!! Well, hello blogger! I’ve been blogging semi-regularly for a few years using Myspace.

I love to teach! I especially love to teach about recording or anything music. I’ve decided that this blog should be at least partially devoted to recording tips, tricks and tutorials. I’ll be posting articles, links and videos on all kinds of topics. I don’t necessarily want to teach you all of the ways to record, but I do want to teach you the way I do it. You in? This should be fun!

Oh yeah, I also spend a lot of time arranging and composing. Guess what? I like to teach this too :) I hope to offer lots of resources for using Finale Music Notation Software too.

Aside from all the learning you’ll be doing, you’ll read about new happenings in my studio, fun facts and complete randomness.

Until next time…