Keith Everette Smith

Producer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist

Are you a learner??

I love to teach and I love to learn. Neither should happen without the other. Those who have learned (I believe) have an obligation to teach and those that teach have an obligation to continue learning. When we refuse to do these things simultaneously we stunt our growth. We’ll watch others in our field pass us by. We’ll watch them make strides professionally and creatively, then wonder why we’re not able to do the same thing. We’ll say, “They’re no better than me, why are they successful?” or “Must have been luck!”

Learning and teaching are important. After all, someone provided information so that you could learn. Maybe you had a teacher who invested in you (as I did). Maybe you are self-taught and found the information on the internet or in books. Either way, someone provided you an education. Consider this and then spend time investing in someone who wants to learn.


I am always searching the internet for new ways to learn and new things to present to you. My latest find is It is a tutorial site for just about any piece of software used for creative mediums. Tutorials for Photoshop, Reason, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic, Native Instruments, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office, etc.

For $25/month you’ll receive internet access to ALL of their dozens of tutorials. These videos are amazingly done, in depth, and taught by industry pros in their respective fields. WELL WORTH THE MONEY!

I just finished a watching a tutorial for Spectrasonics’ “Omnisphere.” It was Incredibly in-depth and easy to understand. One of the best lessons I’ve seen. Additionally, the tutorial gave a fantastic overview of synthesizer programming in general; a topic I’ve always had trouble wrapping my head completely around. I can say safely that I not have a firm understanding of synth programming at its core. I can’t wait to dig in and build some new synth sounds from scratch!

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