Keith Everette Smith

Producer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist


It’s been a very long time since I’ve written a blog.  Perhaps I’ve not blogged because I’ve had other outlets for teaching, enjoying time with the artists I’ve mentored or teaching at the National Praise and Worship Institute and doing weekend workshops at churches.  Perhaps I’ve not blogged because I’ve been in more of a season of learning.  After all, I did get married recently and marriage will teach you a ton about yourself and about how little you know about healthy relationships!  Maybe its because I’ve been trying to be less mouthy and or to have the opinion that I even know enough about a subject to teach it.  It might also be that I’m enjoying a little privacy, a little personal growth, and a little time away from social media, the addictive narcissistic place I went far too often to numb my life’s problems and join the masses in portraying myself as having it all together and at the top of my game. 

Well, I don’t know all things, but I do know some things.  I am in a season of learning, but teaching can be a great way to learn and solidify what you know.  My experience isn’t something to be bragged about, but it does give me insight and maybe you can learn from my experiences and opportunities.

So, I’m gonna get back to it… As much as possible anyway.  We will likely talk about making albums, worship, theology, relationships, and probably some nerdy stuff about trumpets and recording plugins.  I’ll also use this blog to tell you about some cool projects I’ve been a part of, and to introduce you to some great music by people I work with.  I’ll be a giant ball of fun! 

Here’s to a blog that you enjoy reading!  I’ll do my very best!  Promise!