Keith Everette Smith

Producer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist

Go ahead!  Reach out!

(615) 830-3288


Q & A

  • I'm an aspiring artist and I want to make an album but I don't have any songs.  Should I contact you now or write songs first?
    • Contact me now if you'd like!  I work with artists at all stages of their career.  Some artists have written great songs and I practically just hit record.  For others, I work with you through the songwriting process and help connect you with writers.  If you are planning an album and want to explore working together, reach out!
  • I don't have a lot of money, would you still work with me?
    • I would like to try and work it out.  Sometimes it makes sense to do fewer songs and do them really well than to do a less-than-stellar job on a full album.  Other times we can cut some strategic corners to get the budget down.  Lets explore whether or not we could make a good team and then figure out the money.  I bet we can work something out!
  • I'm a pastor or worship pastor and I want to develop a culture of songwriting.  We'd like to record a live album.  Can you help us?
    • I love the church and I love to help churches develop their own unique sense of creativity in worship.  I designate significant time in my schedule to consult with churches, host songwriter retreats, and manage and produce live church worship albums.  Please reach out.  I'd love to explore this with you!
  • I hear that you and your wife, Tasha lead worship and do worship workshops.  Would you come work with our church worship team?
    • Yes!  We are passionate about helping congregations go deeper in worship by teaching and training in the areas of worship theology, personal emotional development, team building, and musical and technical skills.  We'd also love to lead worship with you and your team! 
  • I'm a producer and you were referred to me as a great vocal and band editor.  Can you help me?  
    • Many people consider editing to be an interns job.  I disagree.  Editing is one of the most important parts of a project and it can be done in very musical and unmusical ways.  I have worked as an editor for many notable artists and producers across multiple genres.  Producers who have hired me have praised my attention to detail and musicality.  If you need my assistance in this area, please reach out!
  • You're a trumpet player?  I hear that horns are cool again.  Would contract and arrange a horn section for me?
    • I am a trumpet player!  Horns are very cool!  I would love to contract a killer horn section for you.  I pull from the very best players in Nashville and LA and can arrange a horn arrangement that fits exactly what you're after.  This is one of my favorite things to do, so by all means, reach out!
  • You play a lot of instruments, huh?  What all do you play.
    • I play trumpet, keys, drums, guitar, bass, and all brass instruments to varying levels.  Though I can pull all of these instruments off in a pinch, I claim trumpet, keys, and drums as my main instruments with an extra special love for the trumpet.
  • What have been your favorite studio experiences?
    • A few standout moments were recording with Jack White, Chicago, TobyMac, and the late Phil Ramone (producer)!
  • How much do you charge?
    • I work on a per-song basis and the rate varies depending on the scope of each project.  Email me and we'll find a rate that works for your budget and your musical needs.